So three of Linus' flags disappeared on cccamp, which is a pity, but also a good kick-off to start a new flag order. This is just a preliminary poll to get a rough idea of the demand. We will scale our inquiry with the printers accordingly and then get back to you with the prices. The next step will be the actual order, based on the quotes we got from the manufacturers. That means no trolling, please. Last time it came down to 15-20 euros per flag, depending on the image, so we're aiming for those figures again. Flag size is 250 by 150cm, landscape orientation. We will calculate with a buffer, any excess money will be donated to ccc. Also, you will help get three new flags for Linus.

So, based on an estimate of 20 Euros per flag, how many would you order? Deadline is 22nd of September, we will email you on the address you enter and then start the real ordering process.

The presale period for this event is over.

Sept. 22, 2019
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